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Our mission is not possible without the strong community of people who support our vision. Together, we can provide more love and less pain. Join the movement by becoming an Ambassador, Trailblazer, Compassionate Circle Champion, or by attending an upcoming event.

Healwell Ambassadors are clients, loved ones of patients, and clinical providers who know and believe in the work that Healwell does. Using the network of people in their own life, an Ambassador promotes fundraising events, facilitates networking opportunities, provides feedback about messaging and helps spread the news that massage therapy IS healthcare.

Trailblazers are donors who make a monthly recurring donation. In addition to supporting our day to day operations, Trailblazers make an immeasurable contribution to our ability to plan for the future and to respond to unexpected opportunities.

Compassionate Champions give a gift of $1,200 or more to support Healwell’s ability to participate in research, to present at research and healthcare conferences and to bring our work to more people in more places, whether they be patients, care providers or massage therapists who want to learn how to work with people affected by serious illness.

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