At Healwell, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive education and training opportunities for massage therapists and allied health professionals. Our diverse range of courses, available both online and in-person, are designed to support meaningful integration of massage therapy, promote interprofessional collaboration, and emphasize the role of self-awareness in effective and sustainable caregiving.

Hospital-based massage therapy is kind of our thing. Whether you’re curious about clinical massage, already working in a hospital setting, working with adults or children, these courses will exponentially expand your clinical reasoning, pathology, and communication skills.

Oncology Massage training is essential knowledge for all massage therapists, not only those who want to specialize with this population. Learn what you don’t know so you can make appropriate referrals and have the confidence to work with clients affected by cancer.

Knowing and being clear that the “knowable” bucket is quite small are both big parts of being able to truly show up for others (and even for ourselves) at the end of life. Our End-of-Life Care courses are designed to help you know what can be known, and get comfortable with the unknown.

These important aspects of anatomy and physiology are often misunderstood and mistreated by massage therapists. Learn to work safely and effectively to provide optimal care for all clients and patients.

These courses are for all humans. They focus on self-awareness, clear and compassionate communication, equity, ethics and the sticky questions of professional and personal “boundaries.”

A deep kind of resourcefulness comes from knowing ourselves, from being with ourselves, and from engaging with our lives with open-hearted receptivity. We've got lots of courses to help you do just that.

2024 Live Courses

Aug. 23-25

Harrisburg, PA

The full course package includes 23 hours online through Healwell's website PLUS 24 hours in-person at HACC. After registration participants will be provided with an online link to complete the 23 hour module. This online module
must be completed before the in-person training dates

Sept. 20-21

Arlington, VA

This 2-day in-person conference has two tracks for you to choose from as well as community events and… you can stay for the Dance Party at the end of the second day. An incredible opportunity for education, community and celebration!

Sept. 21-22

Arlington, VA

Instructor, Cathy Ryan, takes you through the science of scar tissue formation and the impact of manual therapy on scar tissue.

Oct. 23-25

Keene, NH

This in person course covers hands-on adaptations, treatment planning, and intake skills for oncology massage. NOTE: Completion of the online Oncology Massage Bundle is a prerequisite for attendance at this course.

Oct. 25-26

Santa Monica, CA

Instructor, Cathy Ryan, takes you through the science of scar tissue formation and the impact of manual therapy on scar tissue.

Nov. 5-8

Washington, D.C.

An intensive continuing education course in hospital-based massage therapy practice. The program includes 4 days of hands-on clinical practice working with patients at MedStar Washington Hospital Center.

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