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Join Healwell in examining and bringing context to the world of massage therapy beyond the table. We have ideas. We have opinions. We want change, and that will only come with an understanding of who and what massage therapy truly is. A variety of topics are up for grabs: history, philosophy, development, and all the other shiny things that fascinate us.

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Do you feel like you need to chat? Maybe you want to start a program where you live, or something is weighing down your heart. Book a consultation and let's get through it together.

Hello and welcome! Let's talk. Let's share. Let's blow things up and make better, more beautiful things! See you soon. love, Cal

I love to think and talk about systems, organization strategies, and the ways that none of us is really the boss of our brain.

You can book a consulting session with Rebecca to ask questions, discuss concerns, and explore training opportunities.

Chat with Laura about massage therapy service programs, hospital systems and/or your favorite dessert recipe.

Chat with Corey for all things project management, podcast creation, mighty networks, and info/educational graphic design.

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