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Oncology Massage Workshop

Aug 23-25

Harrisburg, PA

The full course package includes 23 hours online through Healwell's website PLUS 24 hours in-person at HACC. After registration participants will be provided with an online link to complete the 23 hour module. This online module must be completed before the in-person training dates.

Healwell Homecoming

Sept 20-21

Arlington, VA

Whether you're a budding massage student or a seasoned practitioner, Healwell Homecoming is a great way to advance your practice and join a community that cares. Join us for two days of learning, collaboration, and community.

Also? There's a dance party!

Scar Tissue Management with Cathy Ryan

Sept. 21-22

Fairfax, VA

Scars are not obligated to be problematic. Scar tissue ‘constructs’ us back together when tissue integrity has been interrupted. If the regulatory mechanisms that guide this process go askew, problematic scars can form.

Oncology Massage Workshop

Oct 23-25

Keene, NH

This in-person course covers hands-on adaptations, treatment planning, and intake skills for oncology massage. 21 CEs

NOTE: Completion of the online Oncology Massage Bundle (23 CEs) is a prerequisite for attendance at this course.

Scar Tissue...Not Breakable but Changeable

Oct. 26-27

Santa Monica, CA

Instructor, Cathy Ryan, takes you through the science of scar tissue formation and the impact of manual therapy on scar tissue. This class will take place in Santa Monica, CA in October, 2024.

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