Our Story

Our Mission

Touch. Teach. Advocate.

We touch people affected by illness. We teach massage therapists how to provide care safely and effectively. We advocate for access to that care and for a broader role for massage therapists in healthcare.

Our Vision

Less pain. More love.

Healwell envisions a world where everyone affected by serious illness has access to specially-trained, highly-skilled massage therapists as a standard of care.

Our Philosophy

We all do better when we all do better.

Effective, human-centered care is far from standard. Healwell is changing that with partnerships to provide care that prioritizes personal connection, quality of life, and outcomes that are valuable from the perspective of the patient and the provider.

We know that this kind of care does not exist in a vacuum, and it never relies on a single discipline.

Our Healthcare Partners

Healwell partners with hospitals and other healthcare facilities to provide meaningfully integrated massage therapy and to conduct research about the feasibility and effect of massage therapy on people living with illness.

Our team of specially-trained massage therapists collaborate in care supporting patients at hospitals throughout the DC metro area.

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4201 Wilson Blvd. #110-341

Arlington, VA 22203

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