Healwell Ambassadors

Healwell Ambassadors

Together we can do more.

These dedicated individuals represent a diverse range of backgrounds, including clients, loved ones of patients, and clinical providers. They share a profound belief in the transformative power of massage therapy as integral to healthcare.

Healwell Ambassadors serve as the grassroots advocates and champions of Healwell's mission, leveraging their personal networks and spheres of influence to amplify our impact.

Every Ambassador agrees to a 6-month term and participates in an orientation meeting. The orientation informs Ambassadors about service programs, educational offerings, research projects and advocacy initiatives. Many Ambassadors are surprised at how much Healwell does!

Through their active engagement, Healwell Ambassadors play a vital role in raising awareness about the importance of massage therapy in healthcare and the critical work undertaken by Healwell. They contribute by promoting fundraising events, facilitating networking opportunities, and providing valuable feedback on messaging.

The impact of Healwell Ambassadors extends far beyond their individual efforts; collectively, they form a powerful network of advocates dedicated to advancing Healwell's mission.

We invite you to join the growing team of Ambassadors helping us change the conversations about what it means to experience illness. And have fun doing it!

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