How to Prepare

Stewards are required to prepare for the program by completing the required reading outlined below and bringing specific apparel required for training in a clinical setting.


Please complete this reading prior to the start of the program. You will be more prepared for your hospital-based massage training and get more out of the modules if you are familiar with the concepts in these books.


Strongly suggested:


Please bring the following for daily wear throughout the program.

  • Two sets of scrubs
    • Two powder or ceil blue tops
    • Two yellow pants. Citron, sunflower, sunshine, daisy, and lemon are all acceptable colors. No neon or yellow/green. Refer to pictures of past Stewards on this website.

NOTE: It is important that you purchase the correct color scrubs as these colors distinguish us within the hospital from other members of the healthcare team.

You may also find it helpful to choose pants and tops that have multiple pockets. Many standard, cheaper scrubs will have only one pocket or even no pockets. You will be glad you spent an extra $5 for options with more pockets.   Be sure to check sizing charts as each company has its own style and sizing.  You’ll be living in these scrubs for 9 days between the two modules, so you want them to be comfortable and useful.

  • Closed-toe shoes that would resist a puncture from a falling needle and that will be comfortable during hours of standing. Vibram “Five Fingers” and the like are not acceptable. Clogs, hospital Crocs and other options are available for purchase through the websites where you will find your scrubs. If you already own acceptable shoes, there is no need to purchase shoes specifically for the course.