Stewardship Program

Massage Therapists in the program

Healwell trains practicing massage therapists each year through its Hospital Massage Therapy Stewardship Program, an intensive 9-day continuing education course in hospital-based massage therapy practice. The program includes 6 days of hands-on clinical practice working with patients on three units at Virginia Hospital Center.

This training teaches therapists how to apply critical thinking skills in a variety of circumstances and how to safely work with any patient, regardless of diagnosis. Therapists also learn the many facets of professional and practical excellence expected of a massage therapist working in a clinical environment.

The first module, “Orientation to the Hospital Setting” is three days. The second module, “Clinical Observation and Practice” is 6 days. Therapists must attend both modules within the same cohort to complete the course.

You will be a steward in many ways.

The program provides more than hard skills and knowledge. We are also dedicated to instilling a culture of care and stewardship in therapists. You will be a steward of:

  • care for the patients with whom you workHospital Massage Therapy Stewardship
  • the legitimacy and value of massage therapy in the hospital setting
  • a paradigm shift that values compassionate, present, clinically skilled massage therapy along with existing healthcare interventions
  • the way hospitals integrate safe, properly-adapted touch into the patient care equation

You will expand your knowledge and skills.

You will learn the technical information, decision-making and communication skills that will allow you to come from a place of service and caring while delivering safe, effective, clinical care. We have designed this program to give you the tools you need to provide massage at a hospital in your own community or to work with us at Healwell as our programs grow.

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