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Noi Yingviriya (she/her)

Massage Therapist

Noi (Tipsukon) possess extensive training and experience with complicated patients, cancer patients, patients in hospital setting, and terminal patients. Certified since 2005, Noi is trained in both Western and Eastern massage techniques, and the core of her practice is to heal and alleviate pain. She regularly utilizes combination of Western and Eastern massage techniques in her practice to meet the needs of her clients/patients. She also practices Yurashi Gentle Touch Therapy, Japanese traditional care approach to relieve pain and discomfort by using gentle touch technique, which is tender in nature and can be applied to patients suffering chronic pain. She had traveled to Thailand to study traditional Thai massage and advanced Thai medicine massage.

Noi is a cancer survivor herself, and she is deeply committed to improving the lives of others on their journey to health, healing and comfort.

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