Healwell offers a myriad of lectures by experts from all over the world, covering a wide variety of topics.  Addressing all aspects of healthcare, these events are designed to engage and educate massage therapists, other healthcare professionals, patients, and caregivers. Our lectures are open to professional practitioners and to the general public.

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Extended Interactive Lecture

Beyond Boundaries

Lauren Cates will lead you through an exploration of common assumptions and typical strategies to uncover vulnerabilities to burnout, fatigue and other blocks to resiliency and sustainability. She will employ a combination of group exercises, small group work, lecture and creative play to bring participants to a place where deeper, more sustainable perspectives and skills can emerge. These skills will allow you to be more present with all humans…including yourself. Once you’ve completed the course you will have the tools to take no less than two actionable steps toward inviting more joy, greater balance and a broader, more supportive perspective into your work, your relationships, and your life. (Available in a 4- or 8-hour format.)

Healwell Lectures

Lauren Cates lecturing an audiencePresence, Boundaries, and Emotional Resiliency

What if working with people in difficult situations had the ability to bring more joy and peace into your life…today? Boundaries get a bad rap…and maybe they should.  Join Lauren Cates for an exploration of assumptions that sabotage and tools that support our ability to be and stay present and emotionally healthy in our work as caregivers. (1 hour)


What’s Different About Oncology Massage?

What you don’t know can hurt you…or someone else. Cancer and cancer treatment can have profound effects on the body. These effects can put a person at risk for serious complications from “regular” massage. Anyone who has ever received cancer treatment, whether in active treatment, in recovery or survivorship, or at the end of life, is best served by a massage therapist with training in oncology massage. Join us to find out more about the importance of oncology massage and how to find (or become) a qualified therapist. (1 or 2 hours)


Integrating Massage into the Hospital with Oncology Patients

Massage and cancer are going together more and more these days, but most people know very little about exactly how to make that partnership happen in a safe, effective and appropriate way. Join us to discuss the pros and pitfalls of bringing massage therapy into the hospital with oncology patients. (1 or 2 hours)


Massage Therapy As Healthcare

Even when massage therapy is “just for relaxation”, that’s a bigger deal than we think.  Join us on a journey to a broader perspective to massage therapy as an integral part of patient-centered, patient-driven healthcare. Drawing on resources from the Integrative Healthcare Policy Consortium, The Bravewell Collaborative and others, this lecture will address the ways in which properly integrated massage therapy can improve outcomes, support mainstream care and change the experience of illness and wellness. (1.5 hours)


Communicating with Healthcare Providers (for massage therapists)

When it comes to communicating with healthcare providers, our instincts about how and what to convey may not always be accurate.  Doctors and nurses put their scrubs on one leg at a time, just like you and me.  They want the same information we want so they can serve their patients better.  They don’t want to be confused by jargony terms and techniques. Join us for this informative presentation about how to build relationships with other healthcare professionals to support the continued elevation and integration of massage therapy and massage therapists into medical settings like hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and more. (1 hour)


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