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Podcast: “The Client Is Always Right… Really?”

August 31, 20201 min read

Everyone is selling something, massage therapists and bodyworkers included. It’s all about how you sell what you’re selling. What MTs and bodyworkers are really selling is an hour of their complete, undivided attention and caring. But what happens when the client is “right,” but factually wrong? Cal Cates and Kerry Jordan of Healwell have some thoughts about the difference between the validity of a client’s experience and what the therapist knows to be scientifically and mechanically sound. Cal and Kerry talk about why it’s important for MTs to stay present throughout a session to remain attentive and curious so clients feel heard. Part of that means educating massage therapists how to hear what the client is conveying in a way that validates what the client feels—even if it’s factually incorrect—and how to still perform work that is scientifically and mechanically accurate without having to “set the client straight.”

Cal and Kerry also give their thoughts on how to negotiate when things do turn controversial, and share some of their favorite phrases to use in those difficult moments to help navigate these situations with grace. Listen to the full episode here.

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