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Thank You for Listening

February 15, 20231 min read

Every word and action make an impact. Every day that I interact with the clients within our various programs, I am filled with gratitude. Most of the time they just need someone to talk to; to share about the day they had, the family that they love, or just the everyday stresses of life. I offer input if asked, but I make sure to listen and be present. Sharing these moments with people and talking about whatever they want for a moment are always the highlights of my workday. In addition, actually scheduling their appointments is just as rewarding. I truly enjoy helping to create time in their schedule for relaxation. I am grateful for every phone call that ends with, “Thank you for listening.”

Ephi Gravette served as Healwell's Service Coordinator for two years, 2021-2023. She left the organization to pursue her career in esthetics, but she will always be a treasured member of the Healwell family.

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