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Social Justice Adventuring Party

February 24, 20225 min read

The term Social Justice Warrior is often used to refer to people who lean left, liberal or progressive, believe in fairness and generally live in a way that makes it clear that they’re not down with the status quo. However, we’re not all warriors. As any gamer will tell you, that’s a really good thing. We can’t all blow things up. It takes a well balanced party to defeat a boss monster, and we have some serious boss monsters in our midst. Systemic racism. Climate change. Ideological polarization. Some people interact directly with opposition and take heat as well as give it. Some people operate as support, keeping others in fighting condition or boosting their natural abilities.

What member of the Social Justice Adventuring Party are you? It is fully possible to be more than one class, and it is fully possible to learn a new role. The landscape is always changing, so today the warrior might be leading the charge, but tomorrow we might need bards and who knows what we’ll need by the weekend! 

woman in red holding an old-fashioned microphone

Social Justice Bards

The bard is a master of song, speech, and the magic they contain.

Songwriters, Poets, Artists, Performers.

Main Stat: Charisma

Tools: Instruments, paint brushes, lyrics, satire, storytelling, humor and drama, stick-on mustaches, influences audiences large and small


  • Motivational Speech - inspires crowds and movements, smashes watermelons with sledgehammers

  • Psychic Lance - uses words and images and possibly catchy 80’s pop songs to burrow into the minds of your listener/viewers

person in black holding a staff

Social Justice Cleric

Priestly champions with divine wisdom

Religious leaders, Chaplaincy

Main Stat: Wisdom

Tools: Religious texts, storytelling, compassion, community-based connections


  • Sanctuary - provide physically and emotionally safe places for shelter and recovery

  • Aid - organize community efforts, ranging from bake sales to Advanced Illness Care Programs

  • Find the path - guide your fellowship

gardener holding a white flower

Social Justice Druid

Growers of food and flowers, protectors of the ecosystem.

Conservationists, Ecologists, Apiarists, Restorationists

Main Stat: Wisdom

Tools: Science, research, green thumbs, possibly an attack mongoose


  • Foresight - understands the larger system (even when it doesn’t make any sense)

  • Commune with Nature - wander amongst green spaces, regain stamina and strength.

  • Charm Animal - instantly make friends with everyone’s pets, even the exotic ones

  • Elemental Weapon - fighting for those with no voice gives you bonuses to strength and will

woman in cosplay with pink wig and giant foam hammer

Social Justice Fighter

People on the front lines. Get loud. Closest to the traditional Warrior.

Protesters, Boycotters, Boring municipality meeting attendees, Conversation-havers, Hard question-askers.

Main Stats: Strength and Dexterity

Tools: Protest signs, facebook groups, message boards, unflinching truth-telling


  • Second Wind - ability to keep fighting past stamina limits, must have long rest afterward

  • Indomitable - continue to fight even when (and sometimes just because) the odds are against you

  • Action Surge - galvanize average people to assemble thereby creating a greater-than-average effect

silhouette of a person holding a lightning bolt

Social Justice Monk

Physical and spiritual martial arts, lightning reflexes

Writers, Explainers

Main Stats: Wisdom and Dexterity

Tools: Mental flexibility and pivoting, written word, flowing cloak with a sweet hood


  • Tongue of the Sun and Moon - write persuasive prose

  • Timeless body - see and communicate the many sides of problems 

warrior with glitter and confetti in and on his helmet

Social Justice Paladin

Holy warrior bound with sacred oath. True believers - live and breathe the cause.

Movement leaders, Change initiators, Public speakers, Rabble-rousers, Future-makers

Main Stats: Strength and Charisma

Tools: Microphones, telephones, megaphones, all the phones


  • Aura of Vitality - imbue fellow party members with purpose and direction

  • Staggering Smile - charisma that draws people to your cause

girl in cosplay with blue wig drawing and aiming a bow

Social Justice Hunter

Ranged fighter with good aim.

Journalists, Investigators

Main Stats: Dexterity and Wisdom

Tools: Notes, interviews, tenacity, “...just one more thing…”


  • Favorite Enemy/Hunter’s Mark - draw people’s attention to particular issues

  • Locate - find and share facts and information

  • Natural Explorer - curiosity drives you to find the difficult answers

person holding colorful tarot and playing cards

Social Justice Rogue

System manipulators

Social workers, Lawyers

Main Stat: Dexterity

Tools: Knowledge of the law, official documents, "proper" channels


  • Trickery - understand and manipulate the rules of the system to help others navigate it

  • Evasion/Dodge - find loopholes in systems and rules

  • Reliable Talent - able to focus on many cases at once

person in a glittery wig and tiara

Social Justice Sorcerer

Spell-caster drawing from a gift or bloodline.

The upper caste and privileged

Main Stat: Charisma

Tools: Social influence, peer trust, positions of authority


  • Booming Blade - use your influence to sway the opinions of your peers

  • See Invisibility - recognize barriers others face

  • Reverse Gravity - support and elevate the people around you; act as a tailwind/guide

person painted white wearing a leotard with large spines on the back

Social Justice Warlock

Spell-caster who made a deal with an extra-planar entity. Those fighting from the inside who have chosen to stay in the hot water or hostile environment to help others.

Government representatives, Hospital administrators, Municipal council members, Policy writers, Physicians

Main Stat: Charisma

Tools: Management systems, meeting minutes and agendas, favors and compromises


  • Arcane Hacking - use your position to create function instead of dysfunction

  • Thought Shield - protect people under you and allow them to do their jobs

  • Ego Whip - work around and/or manipulate ineffective persons in charge

person smiling under an umbrella made of lights

Social Justice Wizard

Scholarly magic user capable of manipulating reality

Teachers, Organizers, Science communicators

Main Stat: Intellect

Tools: Syllabi, lesson plans, online classrooms, translation


  • Magic Mouth - orator skills, explain complicated concepts to the other classes

  • Mind Spike - imbue students with knowledge and epiphanies

  • Plane Shift - open minds and encourage critical thinking development

If you find yourself looking for a group, join us in the Healwell Community! Your party members await!

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Corey Rivera

Corey wants to know everything all of the time, and is lucky enough to be Healwell’s Education Coordinator so she has an excuse to do it. She designs content for the Healwell Community, hosts community events and always has another question. Corey has been a massage therapist since 2008. As a multipotentialite she has experience in writing, designing, organizing data, medical school and opera singing. Currently she owns two small businesses, enjoys video games and cartoons, and has a small stationary obsession. Corey is passionate about how humans communicate information and the profession of massage.

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