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Meet the team! Katherine LaVelle, Healwell Board Member

May 24, 20183 min read

Healwell's growth and success is due in large part to its tireless and dedicated Board. These smart people work behind the scenes to shape Healwell's long-term vision, strategy, and infrastructure to ensure that Healwell has the resources and support it needs to change the face (and hands) of healthcare. We are unspeakably grateful for our Board members' generosity and we'd like you to know more about them.

Please start by telling us a little about yourself.

I am an Arlingtonian, former Arizonan, daughter, sister, aunt, breast cancer survivor and warrior.  Partner in a large consulting firm.  Avid traveler, cook, gardener.  I fully ascribe to the philosophy “to whom much is given, much is expected.”  I have lived a comfortable, blessed life and I have enjoyed many opportunities to give back.  I started volunteering with non-profits in junior high school and then kept at it for the next 35 years.  Eventually I had enough work and life experience to hold board positions.  I currently serve on three non-profit boards and find the work both challenging and rewarding.

How did you and Healwell come together?

I learned about Healwell from my amazingly talented massage and lymphedema therapist, who happens to be Healwell’s Program Director (Lucille Eddy).  I was impressed and inspired by the work she and her colleagues were doing with in-patient oncology massage therapy, as well as their commitment to grow the skills base and standards of oncology massage across America, and even beyond!  I was also in awe of the commitment and dedication of the Healwell massage therapists who work tirelessly to provide relief to cancer patients and to make their day better.  Eventually, I talked with her about whether Healwell needed any help and whether I might be a match.

What exactly is your role as a board member? And how does the Board of Directors support Healwell’s mission and work?

It’s an honor to serve on the Healwell board.  As a board member, my role is to:

  • apply my areas of expertise to Healwell’s needs; while different board members bring different strengths to offer Healwell, my business background positions me well to provide business planning guidance, contracting and negotiating support, financial forecasting and modeling suggestions and support.

  • serve as an advocate and ambassador for Healwell. This includes spreading the word/telling others about Healwell, meeting with prospective board members, representing Healwell at various business, healthcare industry, and non-profit event/conferences, and anywhere else Lauren requests.

  • fund raise, fund raise, fund raise. I take my target fundraising amount very seriously, as I know Healwell is counting on it to meet their operating budget balance this year.

What is most rewarding to you about the work Healwell does and your role in the organization?

I love that Healwell not only helps make people feel better, but also that it leads the way in raising standards for oncology massage, as well as constantly studying efficacy.  The work I do helping to drive business rigor and future growth for Healwell is one of the most rewarding parts of my role as a board member.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

I am proud of the work Healwell CEO, Cal Cates and their team has done to develop Healwell into a mature business with repeatable revenue streams, formal fundraising strategy, strong grant application capabilities, and aspirational plans for the future.  That said, Healwell needs funding to operate (the Healwell staff works tirelessly and is terribly underpaid!) and grow, so please consider donating now!

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Kerry Jordan

As Healwell’s Operations Director, Kerry coordinates strategy, communications and logistics for Healwell’s education and service programs. She leads Healwell’s development and fundraising activities and interfaces with the finance teams at Healwell’s partner facilities. In addition to her duties as Operations Director, Kerry provides massage therapy and teaches in hospitals and clinical settings throughout the Washington, DC metro area and around the world for adult and pediatric palliative care patients and other patients with complex needs and high symptom burden.

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