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Healwell Dosing Study Infographic

July 01, 20230 min read

You should know that infographics are never, ever telling the whole story. 

In the 20 hours it takes to create one, the paper gets whittled down to the most important points, and sometimes context or related facts aren’t included in the final product. This infographic has no results section, so if you want to know the actual change in the measures, you’ll need to read the original

The paper will also have a more robust discussion section, where you can understand the researcher’s thoughts.

dosing study infographic 1dosing study infographic 2dosing study infographic 3

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Corey Rivera

Corey wants to know everything all of the time, and is lucky enough to be Healwell’s Education Coordinator so she has an excuse to do it. She designs content for the Healwell Community, hosts community events and always has another question. Corey has been a massage therapist since 2008. As a multipotentialite she has experience in writing, designing, organizing data, medical school and opera singing. Currently she owns two small businesses, enjoys video games and cartoons, and has a small stationary obsession. Corey is passionate about how humans communicate information and the profession of massage.

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