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Healwell changes the way it feels to live with acute, chronic, and terminal illness by providing clinically exceptional and compassionate massage therapy in hospitals and other care settings. Our team of massage therapists provides specifically adapted and supportive massage therapy to children living with cancer and other life-limiting illnesses as well as with adults who are living with serious illnesses in acute and long-term care facilities. Healwell provides over 1000 hours of massage annually at the facilities it serves. Learn more about what we do »

i-graduate-purple Education

Healwell's massage therapy instructors travel across the United States (and to Australia) to provide uniquely focused, clinically accurate, and professionally challenging training courses to practicing massage therapists in hospitals, at cancer centers, and a variety of other venues. Our training programs prepare therapists to work with medically compromised people in a safe and effective way and help grow the national network of massage practitioners who can bring this important work to communities across the country and around the globe. View upcoming events »

i-data-purple Research

Healwell works in partnership with healthcare providers and facilities to demonstrate the ability of hands-on integrative therapies to measurably improve outcomes for patients through clinically sound, replicable methods.  We are measuring the effect of massage therapy on the pediatric and adult experience of cancer treatment as well as that of hospitalization for a variety of other serious and life-limiting diseases. Contact us today to learn how you can support us in realizing a world in which the practice of massage therapy is evidence-informed and accessible to everyone!  Please consider helping to fund our research »