Past Graduates

Where are they now?

Stewards at the 2013 Summit

Healwell Stewards and Instructors (from left to right) Stacey Schultz (MN), Geri Ruane (TX), Lucille Eddy, Program Director, Lauren Cates, Executive Director, Patti Corscaden (ME), and Rebecca Hardy (VA) at the 2013 Oncology Massage Healing Summit in Bloomington, MN.

Healwell Stewards come to the Hospital Massage Therapy Stewardship Program for a variety of reasons.  Some are already working in clinical settings and want to build their experience and confidence.  Others have no plans to work in a clinical setting, but appreciate and enjoy the unique challenge of an opportunity to work in a clinical setting with people they may not otherwise have an opportunity to touch.   Still others are considering approaching a hospital in their hometown or have been offered a position working with hospitalized people, but have no prior experience or training in that arena.  Whatever the reason, the response is unanimous.

 “Transformative.”  “Amazing.”  “Unlike any other course I have ever taken.”  “Money well-spent.”

Our Stewards have gone on to create change, shift thinking and provide excellent care nationwide.

Past Graduates

Inaugural Cohort  Winter 2011: “Movers & Shakers”

Patti Corscaden, Maine
Stephanie Grant, Virginia
Rebecca Hardy, Virginiapast graduates best silly group healwell
Michele Manatzakanian, Maryland
Stacey Schultz, Minnesota
Geri Ruane, Texas
Christine Lambrechts, Western Cape, South Africa
Maryellen Thorpe, Virginia
Madeleine Bomberger, Washington, DC
Susan Grayson, Washington, DCSlivken charting

Spring Cohort 2012: “The Real Teal & Michele”

Amy Fromm, Virginia
Ami Cannon, Virginia
Mum Thong, Virginia
Michele Slivken, Colorado

Winter Cohort 2012: “Bad to the Bone”Claire and Ginger hallway

Tina Peterson, Virginia
Morrie Kramer, Maryland
Dana Strong, Colorado
Claire Poole, Virginia
Ginger Peer, Virginia

Winter Cohort 2013: “The Odd Ducks”Dana Pam Priscilla and Sunny

Pam Soule, Virginia
Solana Shaw, Maryland
Dana Salinero, New Jersey
Priscilla Pattison, Colorado

Spring Cohort 2015IMG_4470

Colleen Young, New York
Serena Dean, New York
Kitty Southworth, Washington, DC
Brian Pick, Maryland
Charlotte Gagnon, Pennsylvania
Mica Job, Michigan
Kerry Jordan, Colorado


Spring Cohort 2016: “The Three Stooges”

Natalie Gibson, New York
Elizabeth Rilley, Virginia
Diana Goldberg, Connecticut