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How many different ways can I support Healwell?


  1. Donate online. When you donate online, you can choose to make a one-time donation or to become a “Sustaining Donor.” As a Sustaining Donor, you commit to making a monthly, quarterly, or annual contribution that can be automatically deducted from your account. Sustaining donors plant important seeds for Healwell’s future and ongoing growth. Monthly and annual contributions  allow us to plan and budget to make the most effective use of our financial resources to affect the greatest change in the greatest number of lives.
  2. Mail a check payable to Healwell to 4201 Wilson Boulevard #110-341 Arlington, VA 22203-1859
  3. amazon smileShop for Healwell by choosing “Healwell” at Amazon Smile! Buy other stuff you want and make a donation without even noticing. Hooray!
  4. Buy your supplies From Pure Pro. When you visit Pure Pro using our affiliate link  ( those generous folks will donate 10% of your purchase (and 10% of every future purchase) to Healwell. And? Their massage products are awesome!healwell baseball shirt
  5. Buy cool Healwell gear. Our Bonfire-hosted Healwell Store is the place to go for Healwell hoodies and t-shirts. Proceeds from every sale support Healwell’s programs. Look good while you do good!
  6. Invite your company/employer to match your gift and make your contribution even more powerful. (Send an email to if you’d like to talk with us about how to make this happen.)
  7. Are you a CREDO customer? You can nominate Healwell for CREDO‘s donation program for nonprofits by filling out a simple form.
  8. host a partyHost a party! Big or small. Any size and any format will do. Gather your favorite fellow humans for an event that you host at your home or a local pub or another venue of which we haven’t yet thought. Provide the food, drinks and whatever else makes a party and invite your guests to have a great time in support of Healwell by charging a modest (or not-so-modest) “cover” charge. We’ll send one or two of our Healwell “party stimulators” to get your guests excited and fill them in about why their contribution matters so they have even more fun and get even more excited about how they can get involved with and support Healwell.
  9. Bequests and planned gifts. Giving to Healwell can be done either directly or through a gift model that can provide you with tax benefits. Talk with your lawyer about various gift models that you might consider. Should you wish to include Healwell in your will, the following language may assist you and your attorney in preparing your bequest to Healwell: “I, [name], of [city, state, ZIP], give, devise and bequeath ____ (a specific dollar amount, percentage of the residue of your estate, or a specific asset such as a bank account, stock, or real estate) to Healwell located at 4201 Wilson Boulevard #110-341, Arlington, VA 22203 for its general purposes or as the Board of Directors may direct.”
  10. Healwell also welcomes the following in-kind donations in support of our ongoing needs:
    • Lodging (4 nights and/or 7 nights) in your home to defray costs for out-of-town students of our Hospital Massage Therapy Stewardship Program (Send an email to learn more about the “Healwell Hosts” program.)
    • Frequent flier miles/airline credits to support travel to and from conferences and teaching venues
    • Discounting or waiving space rental fees at your venue to allow us to host a course or lecture at lower cost
    • Have another idea for an in-kind donation? Tell us all about it!