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An Open Letter to the Massage Therapy Profession: Massage Envy is Our Fault

If “one incident is too many,” then what exactly is 200? That’s my question to Massage Envy and every coworker, manager and teacher who met the therapists responsible for these sexual assaults and/or dismissed the complaints of the victims with some formulaic “we take your concerns seriously,” script of inaction. Nobody was taking it too… Read more »

Get ready to get your give on! #GivingTuesday is coming!

#GivingTuesday is a global giving movement that has been built by individuals, families, businesses, organizations and communities in all 50 states and in countries around the world.  It’s beautiful new annual ritual to remind us how much we have to give and how much bigger it all is when we do it together.  On #GivingTuesday… Read more »

Thank You for Believing in Humans Touching Humans in 2016

  “I forgot I had cancer.” “The massage made my chemotherapy so much less stressful.” “Massage was an integral part of the care we when our 4-month-old daughter was treated for a brain tumor.” “Life changing.” “Eye and heart opening.” “…an excellent balance of the art and science.” It’s been a big year for Healwell…thanks,… Read more »

Frankly Speaking

Learn more and register today for Mindful and Compassionate Service with Frank Ostaseski at Friends Meeting of Washington on Saturday, May 17th. Confidence.  Confidence is something we often equate with expertise. The more you know, the more confident you feel.  Information, mastery, knowing…these are the things that give us power, make us feel safe and provide… Read more »

Doctor’s Orders

How many times have you heard another massage therapist say something like, “Well, I got the doctor’s permission, so I…” after which she launches into a story about choosing to ignore this issue or that contraindication or choosing not to ask that question or make this adjustment, all because they had a doctor’s note? Too… Read more »

Stop Whining and Start Reading

Massage therapists have historically lamented the lack of respect paid our profession by the medical community, insurance companies and even the public.  We roll our eyes and throw up our hands, mystified and defeated by our perennial subjugation. Woe are we! I have good news, friends.  The mystery is over.  We can stop demonizing doctors,… Read more »

The Scientist and God

“And God came to me.”, he half-whispered, the fading sun glinting in his eyes.  He leaned up a little in his bed to share this secret with me.   This “secret” he had shared with each member of the care team who had worked with him in the preceding days.   Everyone told me their version and… Read more »

Healwell has arrived!

Thank you for your interest in Healwell and our musings about the experience of caring for patients in the hospital setting, running a non-profit, the state of healthcare and all of the intersecting pieces of illness, culture, economy and education that go into making Healwell happen. Healwell’s Program Director, Lauren Cates is the primary author… Read more »